Custom LCD Glass Design

LCD Glass-Introduction

This short guide explains the basic design criteria when considering a custom LCD panel for a particular application. It is important to understand and adhere to these guidelines in order to generate not only a feasible LCD design, but also a cost-effective engineering solution.

In order to assure that the application and technical requirements for the custom LCD are fully understood, the Custom LCD Design Form (Appendix 1 of this guide) should be completed and submitted to Densitron along with other relevant drawings and specifications. This information will then be reviewed by our factory engineers and a quotation will be generated.

The custom LCD design and production process involves the following steps:

1. Upon review and acceptance of the quotation for a custom LCD panel, the customer places a purchase order for the production quantity, pending approval ofprototypes.

2. A detailed drawing of the custom LCD panel is generated by Densitron and submitted to the customer for approval.

3. Upon approval of this drawing, the LCD artwork/tooling is generated and 10 prototypes are produced and delivered to the customer.

4. Upon approval of the prototypes, the production is carried out in accordance with the customer’s purchase order.

Densitron has established minimum order quantity guidelines for custom LCD panels. In general, Densitron will only consider those applications with minimum production releases of 1000 pcs or more. Below this production level, yield rates are difficult to predict and such designs are not considered to be cost-effective for either the customer or Densitron.