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Apple Parts
Brand Full LCD assembly SIZE Desc Qty price Remark
Apple MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2013-2016) 11.6” A1465 2013” 35 $190.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2010-2012) 11.6” A1370 2010-2012 15 $185.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody (Early 2011 to Late 2012) 13.3” A1278 2011-2012” 21 $120.00 Full assembly (MD101 A1286 MC721)
Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody (Early 2011 to Late 2012) 15.4” A1286 2011-2012 16 $175.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 15″ Retina (Early 2013-2014) 15.4” A1398 2013+ 28 $220.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 15″ Retina (Early 2015) 15.4” A1398 2015 19 $275.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 15″ Retina (Early 2012) 15.4” A1398 2012 16 $180.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook Air 13″ (Mid 2010-2012) 13.3” A1369 2013 + 45 $270.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook Air 13″ (Mid 2013-2016) 13.3” A1466 2013+ 35 $270.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 13” Retina (Early 2012) 13.3” A1425  2012 + 11 $220.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 13” Retina (Early 2013) 13.3” A1502 2013 + 18 $270.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 13” Retina (Early 2015) 13.3” A1502 2015+ 8 $265.00 Full assembly
Apple MacBook 12″ Retina (Early 2015 12” A1534 2015+ 68 $365.00 Full assembly  Cold/grey/sliver
Apple  Imac Apple Imac A1419 27” A1419  2012-2014 6 $300.00 LM270WQ1(SD)(F1) LCD Glass + Panel
Apple  Imac Apple Imac A1419 27” A1419  2015 210 $275.00 LM270QQ1(SD)(A2) LCD Glass + Panel
Apple  Imac Apple Imac A1418 21.5” A1418 2012-2014 35 $110.00 LM215WF3(SD)(D1) LCD Glass+ panel
Apple  Imac Apple Imac A1418 21.5” A1418 2015 35 $110.00 LM215UH1(SP)(A1) LCD Glass+ panel
Apple LG  Dispaly 13.3“ LP133WQ1(SJ)(EV) 100 $125.00 20PCS/CTNS A1502 2013-2014
Apple LG  Dispaly 13.3” LP133WQ1(SJ)(A1) 75 $120.00 A1425 2012
Apple LG  Dispaly 15.4“ LP154WT1(SJ)(EV) 100 $135.00 20PCS/CTNS A1398 2013-2014
Apple SAMSUNG LCD Display 13.3” LSN133DL03-A01 86 $135.00 A1502 2015 +
Apple SAMSUNG LCD Display 12.0“ LSN120DL01-A0 65 $130.00 A1534 2015 +
Apple SAMSUNG LCD Display 15.4” LSN154YL02-L01 100 $150.00 A1398  2015 +
Apple LG DISPLAY 13.3“ LP133WP1-TJA7 260 $145.00 A1369   2012-2016+ 20PCS/CTNS
Apple  Magsafe Charger Oringal
Magsafe 2 Charger  60W T Connector + US Plug
Magsafe 2 Charger  85W T Connector  + US Plug
Magsafe 2  Charger  45W T  Connector  + US Plug
Magsafe  Charger     60W L Connector  + US Plug
Magsafe   Charger    85W L Connector  + US Plug
Magsafe   Charger  45W L  Connector  + US Plug
Apple  Magsafe Charger OEM
Magsafe 2 Charger  60W T Connector+ OEM US Plug
Magsafe 2 Charger  85W T Connector +OEM US Plug
Magsafe 2  Charger  45W T  Connector +OEM US Plug
Magsafe  Charger
Magsafe  Charger     60W L Connector +OEM US Plug
Magsafe   Charger    85W L Connector +OEM US Plug
Magsafe   Charger  45W L  Connector +OEM US Plug
Lenovo TS Parts
Lenovo Parts LCD Part number Lenovo PN desc Qty
Lenovo Yoga520-15 FHD B156HAN02.1   P/N 5D10M42867 P/N ST50M60376 ST156SN033AKF Touchscreen Assembly 42
Lenovo Yoga520-14  FHD B140HAN04.2 P/N 5D10M42869 P/N ST50M60349 ST140SN017BFK Touchscreen Assembly 40
Lenovo Yoga520-14  FHD NV140FHM-N49 P/N 5D10M42869 P/N ST50M60349 ST140SN017BFK Touchscreen Assembly 26
Lenovo Yoga710-15  FHD LP156WFA(SP)(A1) P/N 5D10K85104  P/N ST50K92367 ST156XX022AKF Touchscreen Assembly 36
Lenovo Yoga720-13 FHD NV133FHM-N61 P/N 5D10M42884  P/N ST50M72934 ST133SN031CKF Touchscreen Assembly 56
Lenovo Yoga720-13 FHD LP133WF4(SP)(B1) FRU 5D10K181089  P/N ST50M60357 ST133SN031AKF Touchscreen Assembly 25
Lenovo Yoga720-14 FHD  B140HAN03.5  P/N 5D10M42879  P/N ST50M55727  ST140XX016BKF Touchscreen Assembly 17
Lenovo Yoga720-14 FHD N140HCE-EN2  5D10M42880   P/N ST50M55725  ST140XX016AKF Touchscreen Assembly 20
Lenovo Yoga720-15 FHD N156HCE-EN1  P/N 5D10M42864 P/N ST50M60370 ST156SN035BKF Touchscreen Assembly 68
Lenovo Yoga910-13.9″ FHD B139HAN03.2  P/N 5D10L07547 FRU 5D10L07547 Touchscreen Assembly 68
Lenovo Yoga 520-14 HD NV140WHM-N41 PN ST50M60384 14.0 Mutto P/N B152112Q3 Touchscreen Assembly 20
Lenovo Flex 3 14 HD N140BGE-EA3 B140XTN02.E  P/N 5D10H91420 Touchscreen Assembly 300
Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260  HD 12.5″ LP125WH2(SP)(T2)     PN ST50G56771 PN SD10K93449 FRU  00NY414 Touchscreen Assembly 148
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 N125HCE-GN1/B125HAN02.2 P/N SD10G56684 FRU 00HN884 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 47
Lenovo Yoga710-14 B140HAN03.0 P/N 5D10K81088 P/N ST(Lenovo) ST50K85752 Touchscreen Assembly 32
Lenovo Thinkpad S5 Yoga 15″ 2D LTN156HL02-L01 FRU 00JT271 P/N ST50G90534 P/N SD10G41616  FRU 04W0018 Touchscreen Assembly 180
Lenovo Thinkpad S5 Yoga 15″ 3D LP156WF6(SP)(A1) FRU 00JT252  P/N ST50G41626 P/N SD10G41615  FRU 04W0017 Touchscreen Assembly 35
Lenovo Yoga 460  14.0″ FHD LTN140HL05-L01 (01AW135) P/N SD10H35986  FRU 00PA890 Touchscreen Assembly 26
Lenovo Yoga 460  14.0″ FHD NV140FHM-N41   (01AW135) P/N SD10H35988 FRU 00PA891 Touchscreen Assembly 33
lenovo Yoga 14  14.0″ FHD NV140FHM-N41 P/N SD10H35988 FRU 00PA891 Touchscreen Assembly 132
Lenovo  Ideapad Air 13 Pro (710S-13) LQ133M1JW15-E P/N 5D10K66231 Touchscreen Assembly 32
Lenovo Yoga710-15 FHD LP156WFA(SP)(A1) 5D10K85104 P/N ST50K92367 Touchscreen Assembly 16
Lenovo Yoga710-15 UHD LQ156D1JX06-E P/N 5D10L13036 P/N ST50K85359 Touchscreen Assembly 15
Lenovo Yogabook 710s LP133WF4(SP)(A1)  P/N SD10M34076 FRU 01HW909 Touchscreen Assembly 80
Lenovo Yoga710-14   14″ FHD B140HAN03.0  P/N ST50K85752 (Logo 710) P/N 5D10K81088 Touchscreen Assembly 6
Lenovo Yoga710-14   14″ FHD LP140WF7(SP)(B1) P/NB ST50K85753 (Logo 710) P/N SD10K81085 Touchscreen Assembly 16
Lenovo Yoga710-14   14″ FHD B140HAN03.0  P/N ST50K85362 P/N 5D10K81088 Touchscreen Assembly 10
Lenovo Thinkpad S5 Yoga 15″ 3D LP156WF6(SP)(A1) FRU 00JT252  P/N ST50G41626 P/N SD10G41615  FRU 04W0017 Touchscreen Assembly 38
Lenovo S5 Yoga 15 2D LTN156HL02-L01 FRU 00JT271 P/N ST50G90534 P/N SD10G41616 FRU 04W0018 Touchscreen Assembly 24
Lenovo Thinkpad T450S B140HAN01.3 PN ST50F46755 P/N SD10G84772 FRU 00HT622 +bezel Touchscreen Assembly 8
Lenovo Yoga710-11 B116HAN05.0 P/N SD50K85750 Touchscreen Assembly 7
Lenovo Yoga900s 12″ B125HAN02.2 Touchscreen Assembly 15
Lenovo Yoga 900 LTN133YL05-L01/LP133QD1(SP)(A1) P/N 5D10F76130 Touchscreen Assembly 26
Lenovo Yoga 710-15 FHD N156HCA-EA1 P/N 5D10K81093 Touchscreen Assembly 20
Lenovo Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 LTN140HL05-401 P/N SD10H35986 FRU 00PA890 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 45
Lenovo Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 NV140FHM-N41 P/N SD10H35988 FRU 00PA891 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 57
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga LP140QH1(SP)(E1) P/N SD10G56668 FRU 00HN876 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 7
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga LP140WF6(SP)(G1) P/N SD10G56660 FRU 00HN872 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 45
Lenovo Y700-15 FHD LP156WF6(SP)(K1) P/N 5D10H34772 FRU 5D10H34772 Touchscreen Assembly 46
Lenovo Y700-15 UHD LQ156D1JX03 P/N 5D10H42127 Touchscreen Assembly 75
Lenovo Yoga 3 11 N116HSE-EBC P/N 5D10G57277 Touchscreen Assembly 60
Lenovo Yoga 700-11 N116HSE-EBC P/N 5D10G57277 Touchscreen Assembly 60
Lenovo Edge 2 15 FHD NV156FHM-N42 P/N 5D10H32287 Touchscreen Assembly+Bezel 47
Lenovo Yoga 2 11 FHD LTN116HL01-L01/LP116WF1-SPA1 P/N 5D10G18654 Touchscreen Assembly + Bezel 32
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2-11 B116HAN03.3 P/N SD10A09816 Touchscreen Assembly 36
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2-11 LD116WF1(SP)(N2) P/N SD10A09815 Touchscreen Assembly 75
LENOVO Thinkpad Helix 11.6 B116HAT03.2 P/N 0A66699 FRU 04X0373 Touchscreen Assembly + Bezel 65
Lenovo Miix 700-12 LTN120QL01-L01 Touchscreen Assembly 36
Lenovo Yoga 3 pro 13” LTN133YL03-L01 P/N 5D10F76130 Touchscreen Assembly 100
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2-11 LD116WF1(SP)(N2) P/N SD10A09815 Touchscreen Assembly 60
LENOVO Thinkpad Helix 11.6 B116HAT03.2 P/N 0A66699 FRU 04X0373 Touchscreen Assembly + Bezel 58
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 13”1371F TV133QHM-NL0 Touchscreen Assembly 85
Dell Parts
Part # Description MFG Part # Manufacturer Excess Qty
FMGGT “LCD Hinge-up assembly, 13.3 FHD(1920*1080), W/O Touch Dell XPS 13 9333
(including panel,Back Cover,Antena Cap,EDP,Camera Hinge Kit) CMI
VKWJC “LCD Hinge-up assembly, 13.3 FHD(1920*1080), W/O Touch Dell XPS 13 L322X
(including panel,Back Cover,Antena Cap,EDP,Camera Hinge Kit) CMI
XYH93 “LCD Hinge-up assembly, 14.0 FHD(1600*900), W/O Touch Dell XPS 14 L422X
(including panel,Back Cover,Antena Cap,EDP,Camera Hinge Kit) AUO
B140RTF01.0 AU Optronics 176
Acer Parts
Chromebook Parts
Model Desc specification Part Number W/Price
Lenovo N21 Chromebook LCD Back Cover with the antenna,aluminum foil PN:5CB0H70357 $12.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook B Shell lens with camera $7.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Topcase Cover With the keyboard,With touch panel electronic parts remark:Accept the reservation $33.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Bottom Case FRU:5CB0H70354 $10.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Hinge hinge( includes 3 kinds)hinge L&R CCD Camera rotation camera hinge 360 degree rotate $9.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook  horn LR   left right  horn $6.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook rubber , foot mad LCD Bezel 6 pc + Base 4pc as a set PN:5F40L13234 $3.00
Lenovo N21 Chromebook power adapter DC cable $4.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook LCD Back Cover with the antenna,aluminum foil PN:5CB0L13233 $12.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook B shell lens with camera $7.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook Topcase Cover With the keyboard,With touch panel electronic parts remark:Accept the reservation $33.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook Bottom Case $10.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook horn LR   left right  horn $5.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook power adapter DC cable $4.50
Lenovo N22 Chromebook LCD LVDS cable  shielded wire $6.80
Lenovo N22 Chromebook Hinge hinge( includes 3 kinds)hinge L&R CCD Camera rotation camera hinge 360 degree rotate $9.50
Lenovo N21 Chromebook rubber , foot mad LCD Bezel 6 pc + Base 4pc as a set PN:5F40L13234 $3.00
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e LCD Back Cover yellow MR1.5 FRU LCD COVER ASSY YELLOW SP PN:00UP261 $15.00
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e LCD Back Cover MR 1.0 MR1.5 FUR LCD COVER-BLACK PN:00HW165 $15.00
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e LCD Back Cover MR 1.0 FUR LCD COVER Touch -BLACK PN:00HW167 $15.00
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e Topcase Cover MR1.0 FRU TOP ASSY PN:00HW161 $18.50
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e Topcase Cover MR1.0 FRU TOP ASSY PN:00HW160 $18.50
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e chromebook or Yoga 11e Bottom Case MR1.0 FRU BASE ASM W/LABEL PN: 00HW171 $12.50
Lenovo Thinkpad yoga 11e chromebook LCD Back Cover with the antenna,aluminum foil PN:01AV973 $16.50
Lenovo Thinkpad yoga 11e chromebook LCD Back Cover with the antenna,aluminum foil PN:01AV974 $16.50
lenovo thinkpad chromebook 13  hinge PN:01AV621
Lenovo Thinkpad chromebook 13 LCD Cable Bell FRU 01AV630 CAB ASSY LVDS(40/30/8/2P,60V,3A) SP FRU 01AV630 C
Lenovo Thinkpad chromebook 13 Adapter cable Bell FRU 01AV628 ADAPTER CABLE  01AV628
Lenovo Thinkpad chromebook 13  LCD Cover LCD COVER AL ASSY SILVER SP PN 01AV616
Lenovo Thinkpad chromebook 13 Tobcase Cover TOP sub assy silver w/o fp sp PN 01AV614
item Remark Parts Desc
2 LCD Panel & Touch Screen
3 Bottom Cover & Case
4 LCD Back Cover & Case
5 Top Cover & Case
6 LCD Bezel & LCD Front Cover
7 LCD Hinge
8 Power Adapter & AC Adapter
Microsoft Surface Parts

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