Lenovo Thankpad X13 Gen 2 5D11A22516 5D11A22512 WUXGA NV133WUM-T00 Cell Touch Screen Assembly

5D11A22516 5D11A22512 Lenovo X13 Gen 2 WUXGA LCD Screen Assembly NV133WUM-T00 Cell Touch


Identifying Numbers:

Product Identifiers  5D11A22516 5D11A22512  Lenovo X13 Gen 2 WUXGA LCD Screen Assembly  NV133WUM-T00 Cell Touch
Brand # : Lenovo
Lenovo  FRU  # : FRU 5D11A22516 5D11A22512
MPN #: NV133WUM-T00
Features Touchscreen
Screen Size 13.3″ inch
Type Notebook/Laptop
Maximum Resolution  Cell Touch
Mode Lenovo X13 Gen 2 LCD touchscreen Assembly

Compatibility List:

BOE 13.3 FHD bent (5D11A22516) is compatible with the following machines
Product Name
X13 Gen 2 (Type 20WK, 20WL) Laptop (ThinkPad)
X13 Gen 2 (Type 20XH, 20XJ) Laptop (ThinkPad)